What an honor it is to welcome you! 🥰

Let me start by saying… I was so honored to help this girl deliver 6 beautiful healthy babies yesterday! To be trusted by a mama (both Leelu and her owner, who is my mama) to bring life into this world… is a feeling of pride that is unmatched! It was a tough delivery for this 1st time mama! But she did so well! I’m so proud of her! 5 little boys and 1 sweet girl we have welcomed to this crazy life 🥰❤ yall don’t forget to look and see daddy waiting (impatiently 😅) outside the nursery window! Haha! I can’t wait to see how these babies grow and develop! And to get them placed with new and loving families! Be sure to follow my blog for updates on these sweeties and other life on the farm! 🥰

Leelu sitting pretty during her 1st stage of labor.

Leelu was brought to us when her owners couldn’t keep her any longer, due to no fault of her own! They are long time family friends and we have known Leelu since she was born, so how could we turn her away?! She is 1/4 black chow and 3/4 American bulldog.

Holy milk line, Batman!
First born son 💙

Sometimes, a lot of times really, whelping can be an unexpected challenge! So its important to be aware, informed, and PREPARED! For Leelu, this is her first litter. She will likely be spayed, since this was the original plan to begin with. Most especially now, since she had such a tough time. I felt so bad for her having such a hard time, but it definitely kept me on my toes… and at the end, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of myself also! …

Leelu inspecting her baby 👶
He is so handsome yall!
Snuggle it up, mama 🥰

I will likely be keeping on of these little dudes! I can’t help myself! He was born not breathing, and with fluid in his lungs… so naturally, I flung myself into action! Let me tell yall about a little thing called GRAVITY!! Never underestimate the power of it! Between gravity, a nose bulb, compressions and small short breaths… I pulled him through! It’s nothing short of amazing, yet equally terrifying, when life is in your hands. It could have been so devastating, but it wasn’t! And that’s what we like to focus on! 🥰 …

I’m amazed with them 🥰

This guy! Lol (below) This is my parent’s LOVE BUG! Lol! He looks so scary to some… but he is the sweetest, biggest, most lovable goofball you’ll ever meet! His name is Coldwater! Coldwater is an Old English/American bulldog who was born here on the farm! 🥰🥰 He is the proudest papa I’ve ever seen! 🥰🥰

She’s almost done, buddy!

We all finally settled after getting everyone cleaned up and safely moved into their “nursery” around 2 am this morning! This mama and daddy are both so sweet, beautiful and proud! ❤ Happy born day sweet babies!